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The STALI Team


Meet your Premier Wedding Planner

My name is Stephanie Antoniou. 

STALI Events was born out of spontaneity, positive energy, and an unconventional love of organization, design, and checking off to-do lists.

Stephanie: The Elegantly Efficient Neapolitan Designer (Founder)
Stephanie will pull out all the stops to please the people around her, especially her clients. She knows no bounds in order to make sure thier dream celebration becomes a reality.  Stephanie's talent for producing beautiful and innovative design concepts stems from her out-of-the-box thinking and inherent prowess for interior design.  Her heart and drive differentiates her from other business owners. While she is foremost sentimental and disciplined, her laugh, on the other hand, can get pretty unruly. She will go the extra mile (in heels) to ensure perfection.


The best businesses are the ones you unknowingly fall into. This is precisely where our story begins.

I was always searching for excuses to throw a good soirée. Then, it happened. Calling others for advice, brainstorming ideas, and negotiating deals. I eventually thought to myself...maybe I am taking it a bit too far, having a vision board for game night with our family. But then, EUREKA! My passions aligned and STALI was created.


I have spent the last three years perfecting the process. My aim was to not only offer the market an event business, but also an experience. STALI is fully involved in each event from start to finish.
I look forward to discussing how we can assist in creating your next spectacular event.

Mrs. Antoniou 


                                                                                                                                     As Seen in Naples Illustrated    &

                                                                                                                                                                                     Wed Vibes 


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